In my last post I talked about an error I encountered. But before I mention how I resolved that I want to mention a previous error I fixed in the wrong way.

When I initially put the debian folder from the packaging repo located here into the FreeCAD source, I ran into an error stating that source package has two conflicting values - freecad-daily and freecad.

I changed the /debian/control file to have freecad instead of freecad-daily. kkremitzki told me that this was not the solution however. I reverted the file back to normal.

After some analysis, we found that the debian/changlog file was where freecad needed to be changed to freecad-daily. After that, my original error was corrected by using the --no-pre-clean flag.

From there I was able to reproduce the error located here and using the method by kkremitzki, I was able to successfully build the package.

I will add the needed package to the science team repo and have my mentors review my changes. Once they approve I’ll make the pull request to fix this issue.

Written on June 16, 2019